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Natural health, wellness & energy boosters

For people who prefer innovative natural treatments overtaking man-made drugs, The Harvey Center’s Nutripharmacy is just what the doctor ordered. Here, you’ll find physician-grade, pharmaceutical-grade natural supplements to help treat a variety of conditions without the unwelcome side effects of man-made drugs.

If you are a patient of The Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine, you may inquire about XYMOGEN by calling our office at phone #941-929-9355

A uniquely qualified physician

As a skilled physician with 30 years of experience, including 19 years in functional medicine and holistic medicine, Dr. Harvey is triple board-certified in internal medicine, geriatrics and holistic medicine. Which means he is perfectly qualified to prescribe pharmaceutical-grade natural supplements.

With a strong focus on preventive care and wellness, Dr. Harvey offers his unique nutriceutical treatments – intravenous megavitamins, intravenous nutritionals like phosphatidylcholine plus oral nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies to help with the unique health challenges found in people of all ages. Nutritional recommendations are guided by thorough clinical history and examination and laboratory testing to assess metabolic needs as indicated.

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Our Clients Are Saying...

  • Dr. Harvey’s website provided an accurate picture of what to expect from the clinic. I was very pleased with the entire staff. Dr. Harvey...

    – Liz Gellis
  • Dr. Harvey is head-and-shoulders above any other medical practitioner we have encountered. When we first came to Sarasota, he gave my wife...

    – Darryl McCullough
  • When I came to the Harvey Center I was not myself health-wise. The expertise, kindness, and support of Dr. Harvey, Kerry, Tracy, Alicia, and...

    – Meg Hobbie Guynn
  • Dr. Harvey is all about prevention and helping us stay healthy. This enables us to pursue our hobby - competitive ballroom dancing.

    – Larry & Dorothy Dunaway
  • When I came to you I was going doctor to doctor and feeling worse and believing that I was going down. All the medicines that I was taking to...

    – Mrs Wright
  • Dr. Harvey found out my problem with my digestive system and recommended the correct medicine for my problem. Highly recommend Dr. Harvey to...

    – Beatriz Albanese
  • Best people in the world! Sweetest people! Doing the best job anyone can do on the planet present or future. Everyone here is an angel

    – Susan Miller

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  • Dr. Fred Harvey, Chelation Therapy

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