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Water, Water Everywhere

Written by: Dr. Fred Harvey, MD

We are mostly water. It is so critical to life as we know it that when astronomers search the sky for possible life-sustaining planets; they look for the distinct chemical signature of water. The single most important action taken by our government to affect public health is the provision of clean drinking water and the processing of our sewage to prevent bacterial and viral contamination, It has made the single largest contribution to average lifespan of any public health interventions.

Water is an amazing universal solvent. Many potentially toxic substances can be concealed in a glass of water. We have polluted our water over the past 100 years with things worse than the organisms that we eliminated with sanitation. These chemicals range from toxic metals like mercury and lead to pesticides, herbicides and petroleum products. We can even find a large variety of medications in the water that are there because we dispose of unused medications carelessly.

In order to protect ourselves from this new public health threat, we need to clean our water even better than the government does. Some folks drink bottled water out of plastic bottles. This is expensive and adds the contamination with more petroleum byproducts to the water from the plastic. It is smarter to purchase a filter for your water at home. The cleanest water comes from reverse osmosis, however this process is costly because it wastes a gallon of clean water for every gallon of super pure water created. We CAN NOT afford that waste.

The best solution that I have found so far is a carbon block filter. This is very porous carbon like charcoal that adsorbs toxins in the very fine sponge-like matrix of the block. It works because it has many very small channels that catch the junk. Over time it become clogged and needs replacement. It you use one with absolute 1 micron pores, it will catch most organisms down to viral particles as well as most toxic petrochemicals and metals. I
In my home and office I trust the Odak filter system. The Odak’s solid carbon block filters do not remove healthful, naturally occurring minerals, requires no electricity and does not add salt or silver to the water.  The machine is certified by the NSF. If you would like more information, please ask for a copy of it from my staff.

The summer heat in Florida can be daunting.
Remember to drink 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight for maintenance. In the heat of summer add another pint for every 30 minutes outside exercising or working. Stay hydrated and stay healthy!

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