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Parkinsons Support

sarasota parkinsons support


Finding Parkinson's Support and accurate diagnosis

Sarasota Parkinson's support is something that everyone with that disease needs. This disease affects a person's central nervous system. The person may at first have difficulty with movements and rigid muscles. Eventually, it might impair their ability to walk. This is because the patient with Parkinson’s disease is not getting enough dopamine that the muscles need to be limber. This is because the disease kills off the cells in the mid-brain, therefore the result is not enough dopamine.

Eventually a person with Parkinson's may not be able to walk well. Then, the disease will attack the brain, the patient might end up with dementia.

This continuum requires a doctor's vigilance and caregivers who are willing and able to take a proactive role in their care. Parkinson's support is one of the most important aspects of the disease, and the patient should talk with their doctor about a long-term plan.

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