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Written by: Dr. Fred Harvey, MD

Joy is a quality of emotion much deeper and more resilient than happiness. Joy springs from the deep, peaceful place in our innermost selves. Joy emanates from the source of love within our heart of hearts. As the light wanes at year's end, we often seek out sources of joy for the transient happiness of summer fun or autumn harvest as winter arrives.

This holiday season we continue to struggle with the social and economic ramifications of the pandemic. Literally and figuratively as the days darken so too does our situation. The crisis has been consuming so much of our mental space, that we may need to rethink or “unthink” our predicament. We can change our thinking by adding structure and rhythm to routine activities outside of work: activities that give us pleasure and joy. For example, the ritual rhythm of Sabbath temple or church service is uplifting for many people. This experience adds to their peace and joy. It is much more effective when repeated rhythmically on a weekly or frequent basis. For others, it is a walk or hike in a beautiful natural space that inspires joy. Others might find that peaceful home inside themselves when playing a musical instrument or singing or even baking delights for family and friends. Remember repeating these activities allows more time and space for joy!

Sharing our joys with others is what many are missing this holiday season. However, even if we cannot be physically present this year as we have in the past, we can still share our joys with others. Reach out with phone calls, extra holiday cards and letters with print photos for a change. Arrange Zoom calls or FaceTime with family and friends. So much joy can be shared in a photo, video or even in the sounds of loved ones’ voices. Let’s share the joys of our annual holiday rhythms and rituals, and ring in a joyous New Year!

Please reach out if we can support your family with wellness recommendations or ship premium supplements to you. Shipping is complimentary for the month of December. For more information or to schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment, contact The Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine at phone #941-929-9355. The Harvey Center is located at 3982 Bee Ridge Road, Suite J, Sarasota, FL 34233.

From our Harvey Center Family to yours, we wish you a heathy and happy holiday season!

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    – Larry & Dorothy Dunaway
  • Best people in the world! Sweetest people! Doing the best job anyone can do on the planet present or future. Everyone here is an angel

    – Susan Miller
  • When I came to you I was going doctor to doctor and feeling worse and believing that I was going down. All the medicines that I was taking to...

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